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Thurs 13th September 2018, 5-8pm

Instructions for participants

If you’ve got a place in our Fortnite Tournament on 13th September, this page has all the information you need to take part in the competition. Follow the instructions below carefully to make sure you’re able to join the game. Best of luck!


Join us on Discord for information and changes during the tournament:

Competition Format and Timings

There will be five rounds of Battle Royale Solos, with each round starting at a certain time. The first round will begin at 5pm, and the approximate times for the other rounds are below. You will receive an email that will tell you which rounds you are in.

Round 1: 5:00pm BST

Round 2: 5:35pm BST

Round 3: 6:10pm BST

Round 4: 6:45pm BST

Round 5: 7:20pm BST

IMPORTANT: Do not follow the Livestream for round starts! The stream will be on a 5 minute delay, so if you join in time with the stream, the game will have already started.


If we need to change a round starting time, there will be a notification in the stream and we will announce it on Discord.


We’re using a custom server to run the competition, which uses a key/password to make sure everyone gets into the same game. We will release the round key 5 minutes before the start of each round. You will receive the key by email and we’ll be posting it on Discord.


If you win a round, you’ll be removed from the mailing list for the other rounds.

Joining the game

Before the competition, make sure your game is up to date with the latest version.


In the game Settings, set your matchmaking region to ‘Europe’.

5 minutes before the start of each round, you will receive the round key by email. We’ll also post it on Discord to a private group. The key is different for each round.


Go into the Game Mode menu, choose Solo and click on ‘Custom Matchmaking’ in the bottom right.

Enter the custom matchmaking key we sent for that round. This is case sensitive. Click ‘Accept’.

In the Lobby, click Play and you will join the custom server queue. Wait until the round begins.

If you have any further questions, you can ask them on Discord in our #tournaments-chat channel, or send an email to

Thanks for entering, and good luck in the competition!