Ultimo Hombre Birmingham Takeover, 17th – 22nd April 2018

Venue: Link Street, Bullring Birmingham

Ultimo Hombre will be in the Birmingham Bullring from the 17th April to the 22nd of April and is offering an exclusive & free Pop-up event for you & providing an atmosphere where you can enjoy social gaming at its finest. We will transform a unit of Birmingham’s biggest shopping centre into a Gamers Paradise!



Today’s Tournaments

  • Fortnite
  • FIFA 18
  • Rocket League
  • Burnout
  • Dragon Ball Z

Round Robin Drop-in Tournaments All Day

Weekend Events

Friday Times



Saturday Times



Sunday Times




Lydia Ellery

Lydia Ellery is a writer and presenter. She started her gaming career at the age of 5 when she was introduced to street Fighter II and Mario Kart on the SNES. A keen gamer ever since, she now works for Xbox On as a presenter for Xbox’s official UK YouTube channel. On GINX she currently writes and hosts The Essentials and has previously appeared on numerous shows including Videogame Nation and GINX Live. Beyond GINX, Lydia produces reviews and comedy videos for her own YouTube channel & Squid Gaming. In addition, she has contributed to Sky News, GameSpot and IGN. Lydia is passionate about most games, especially Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy and The Legend of Zelda. You’ll also find her lost in the world of Skyrim and Assassin’s Creed these days.

Steve McNeil

He hosted together with Lydia Ellery last year’s Ultimo Hombre Gamerdays in Birmingham and will join us again! McNeil is an award-winning comedian, actor and games journalist. He writes reviews and features for GINX and has also written for The London Economic Time Out and Shortlist. You might know him from shows as Videogame Nation and Console Yourself or from his live gaming comedy events like Go 8-Bit! And WiFi Wars.



Wizzite is a YouTube gaming personality with a love for shooters. Over the past two years he has built a reputation within the Call of Duty and Destiny communities as a fiercely honest and passionate gamer with a deep connection to his fans. These games the driving force of his channel and he doesn’t plan to stop there. Wizzite has never been shy of presenting and hosted some of the biggest gaming launches to date. Whether it be his shooting skills or passion for the game as long as he has fun playing, his fans are guaranteed to have fun watching!

Hat Films

Since 2014 Ross Hornby, Alex Smith and Chris Trott are together Hat Films, the English YouTube gaming and comedy channel that’s part of The Yogscast network. Their channel comprises gaming and vlog content about games such as Grand Theft Auto, Rust and Minecraft. Beneath their channel are mostly known for creating official Minecraft trailers and YouTube comedy series like Stunt Lads, but are also film-makers and musicians.


First launching his YouTube channel in 2012 and being widely known for his FIFA pack reveal videos he’s now a popular online gamer & YouTube personality with over 430,000 subscribers – Maxplays.

Social responsibility

Also, one of Ultimo Hombre’s objectives is to achieve an environmental outcome, educate the people and generate awareness on the effects of e-waste on the greater ecosystem using Ultimo Hombre as a platform to activate social and environmental responsible initiatives.

We want to start our environmental initiative through a recycle-reuse of e-waste as soon as possible. Therefore, we’ll have our debut at Ultimo Hombre’s Bullring Pop Up event from 17th – 22nd April where we’ll launch the initiative on Sunday, 22nd April 2018 coinciding with Earth Day. We’ll encourage event attendees to bring their electronic waste to be recycled or repurposed on Sunday via social media, media, newsletters and on our website the entire week leading up to the event day.

All items brought in are specifically for recycling and repurposing. It is not for us to fix the electronics or to resell them, but every electronic item brought in will be exchanged with tokens for game play. The number of tokens exchanged will be determined by the item.


Tips and tricks from us and professional gamers.


To enjoy gaming at it’s finest we’re equipped with high quality rigs. We offer our Ultimo Hombre’s to play with amazing PlayStation 4 Dualshock controllers with whom they can play freely as it functions via Bluetooth connection. Just have a look at our equipment list to convince yourself:

  • Nintendo Switch’s
  • 24x Asus VS248 24” monitors
  • 24x Asus ROG Claymore keyboards
  • 24x Asus ROG Pugio mice
  • 11x slim PS4s
  • 1x standard PS4
  • 18x Dualshock 4 v2s
  • 23x Asus Cerberus V2s

Further equipment provided through our partners Scan, Asus and Turtle Beach.