Welcome to Ultimo Hombre

Ultimo Hombre is bridging the gap between professional esports and competitive gaming.

esports has followed the same trend as traditional sports, the professionals take centre stage and everyone else is just a spectator. Ultimo Hombre is changing that status quo.

By hosting events around the world Ultimo Hombre provides the platform for the competitive gamer to be in the spotlight and experience the same rush the pros do.

Whether you want to compete in tournaments, win top-of-the-range prizes or simply hang-out with likeminded people, Ultimo Hombre is the first to create an environment which is all about you and your passion.

Through our partnerships with award winning content production agencies and hardware suppliers we have the resources available to create truly amazing content. We set the stage for Presenters, Influencers and Shoutcasters to engage and interact with our community to create a fully immersive experience that’s broadcast across multiple media platforms.

Powered by Dragon

Ultimo Hombre’s infrastructure will be supercharged by Dragon’s cutting-edge technology. By utilising the Blockchain innovation to bring about evolution of Fin-Tech and payment solutions, Dragon is bridging the gap between traditional business and the new era of trust that Blockchain delivers.

As the world’s number one entertainment coin, Dragon’s reach extends across the entire entertainment space. Dragon Coin (DRG) will be accepted at Ultimo Hombre and winners of DRG in Ultimo Hombre tournaments can use DRG across Dragon’s various entertainment platforms.

With Dragon’s roots firmly in the gaming world, the future is bright for Ultimo Hombre and the gaming community.

Social responsibility

Part of Ultimo Hombres global ethical framework involves reducing carbon footprint by eradicating any single-use plastic. As the number of gaming PCs, consoles, mobile phones and tablet users continues to increase, so does the collective e-waste generated around the world. To combat this Ultimo Hombre runs bespoke e-waste recycling programmes at all events, working with global and local charities and NGOs that share the same vision of building a more sustainable and environmentally friendly esports eco-system using innovative ways to catalyse change.

Ultimo Hombre’s mantra ‘Everyone can play. Anyone can win.’ reflects our core message of inclusivity which we champion at all of our events and within our community. By working with charities who level the playing field for people with disabilities Ultimo Hombre promotes awareness of the amazing organisations enabling people to enjoy playing video games, whether for fun or to participate in tournaments.

Promoting physical activity and wellbeing within the Ultimo Hombre community is an important focus for us. We have taken the initiative by sponsoring sports teams and clubs around the world such as the Thai swimming team.