Welcome to Ultimo Hombre

Ultimo Hombre is bridging the gap between competitive esports and social gaming.

Esports has followed the trend of traditional sports whereby the professionals take centre stage and everyone else is just a spectator. Ultimo Hombre provides the platform for the social gamer to be in the spotlight, to compete with their friends in an environment where they can feel like a professional esports player.

Through our partnerships with award winning content production services and hardware suppliers we have the resources available to create unforgettable content. We set the stage for Presenters, Influencers and Shoutcasters to engage and interact with the social gamer to create a fully immersive experience that’s captured for our Twitch & Youtube platforms.

We actively promote responsible gaming and tailor part of our focus to the younger gamer. Our relationships with Developers focused on this market allow us to provide a safe and secure environment for children to game where parents can better understand the social benefits gaming can provide.

Being passionate gamers ourselves we also want to cultivate the idea of pursuing a career in games by making people aware of the different professions involved in Ultimo Hombre events, from those in-front of the camera to those involved behind the scenes.

Birmingham Bullring pop-up

Tuesday 17th April – Sunday 22nd April

Free Entry